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Leadership Summer SchoolBlogLSS 2013 wants you in the Trainers Team

LSS 2013 wants you in the Trainers Team

Leadership Summer School is moving towards its 6th edition!

Trainers of the world, time has come! This year’s event it’s going to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria between the 21st and 30th of July 2013. The LSS 2013 trainers are expected to be available from the 17th to the 31st! And once more we plan to make it more awesome with your contribution!

LSS cannot fulfill it`s mission without the help and dedication of energetic, creative and motivated trainers. So pluck up the courage and tell us about yourself and how you would contribute to make LSS 2013 totally awesome! The reward? Join one of the 15 trainers.

LSS is an 10-days event, with over 50 hours of training scheduled plus other facilitated activities. We are expecting to develop 80 participants into future community leaders, leaders in organisations, or in companies; leaders wherever they are/will be and in whatever they do.

As future LSS Trainer, we expect from you to:

arrive by 17/07/2013 to have 3 full working days and be able to stay 1 day after the event (31/07/2013) which makes 14 days in total.
be available before the event to design training sessions (mainly virtual team work)
be available after the event to provide support to LSS participants (Handouts, Reporting, Follow-up) (mainly virtually)
– be ready to support all actors of LSS 2013 during the event

Deadline for applications was the 13th of March 23:59 CET!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and send us an e-mail at

We will also organize a LSS information Hangout session on 6th of march, so stay tuned!

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