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Call for LSS 2015 Organising Committee

Location of LSS 2015Would you like to take part in an innovative Leadership defining event?

Are you keen to develop your personal & professional skills whilst empowering youth leaders from over 20 European and international organisations? 
Are you enthusiastic, flexible, friendly and a good motivator? 
Then Leadership Summer School is the event for YOU!

In July each year, we gather 60 to 100 students, young graduates and/or professionals aged 18 to 35, and 15 trainers from all development paths of life and fields of studies, and from all over the globe, in one venue, with one aim… to develop and inspire the leaders of tomorrow, today. For the past years LSS had led the way in multi-disciplinary student leadership events!

LSS is made possible by the collaboration of around 20 different student organisations, with central coordination and support from Zero Generation.  Every year we look for ways to develop and improve this exciting event and this year should prove to be another awesome experience.

You can find more information and a LSS Testimonials on the LSS webpage.

For the next edition, we are looking for a motivated and proficient Organising Committee in an exciting country; a team that will be able to make this event as successful as the previous ones and enhance participants experience.

Interested? Apply to host LSS 2015
… and don’t just keep it for yourself! Partner up with other NGOs! Collaboration is one of the core elements of LSS, we are looking for different NGOs cooperating to make LSS 2015 shared success on a local level.

Here’s what we are expecting from you, the Organising Committee, to be able to provide:
  • food and accommodation for about 100 people (70 participants / 15 trainers / organisers) for minimum 9 nights (+ 4 extra nights for trainers)
  • all the necessary training materials (post-its, markers, paper, flipcharts,…)
  • 4 training rooms, plus 1 working room for Trainers and 1 for OC event’s logistics
  • creative social/evening program
  • Period 8-31 July 2015
  • support LSS Supervisory Board in writing grants and raising funds from local cooperation with companies 
  • the OC President will be invited to join Supervisory Board and be part of LSS2015 decision making process
  • open-mindedness and a sense for adventure in implementing ideas

Please check the link and download a copy of the “Organising Committee 2015 application form”; document including some important information about the application form to fill in and send it back to us ( and the criteria that will be used to select LSS 2015 OC.

Deadline to apply is 15th December 2014 23h CET!

For ANY questions you would have about this great event, just write an E-Mail to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What would you add to LSS history?

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