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Leadership Summer SchoolBlogMaribor will Host LSS 2015

Maribor will Host LSS 2015



Get used to the view, you might pose there this Summer!

It is our pleasure to inform you today that the edition 2015 of Leadership Summer School will happen in Maribor, Slovenia.

The event will be organised with 2 local partners: Smart minds association – Association for entrepreneurial youth – newly established youth association, specialized in coaching youth to gain the skills, structure and more pro-activeness in their careers and Business Intelligence Centre – newly created business informal organization, with the goal to gather the business oriented people in order to share knowledge, help each other and educate the future generations of leaders.

Their vision of LSS 2015 is to turn the event into an international living lab for creating the ideas and “business plans” with the spirit of cause marketing that have the potential to be implemented in the local environment of the participants. The concept of “cause marketing” is well known in the USA/Canada, and is rising in the slower pace in Europe. We believe LSS could be a good ambassador for it.

Get ready for the upcoming weeks and months as you might want to be part of the next edition as Trainer, Participants or…

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