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LSS 2015 Supervisory Board

The LSS 2015 Supervisory Board is composed by people coming from Belgium, Greece, Poland, Russia and former members of the following NGOs: AEGEE, EMSA, BEST, IAAS.


Olga Rostkowska, Responsible of the Communication towards Trainers, Participants, Externals:
This means:
– interacting with people asking questions through e-mail.
– engaging the world about Leadership through our communication means together with PR
– coordinating the promotion, selection, confirmation and announcement of participants
– answering questions about application, selection and announcement of future participants

Helena Rous, Coordination of the OC and Communication bridge between SB-OC
This means:
– organising the logistic for LSS to happen as smoothly as possible
– ensuring that communication stay with OC members
– ensuring that every logistic challenge finds a solution
– facilitating communication between OC and SB

Lyda Michopoulou and Tanya Boychuk, Responsible for the LSS Corporate & Institutional Relations
This means:
– developing partnership strategy with companies and institutions
– coordinating the FR effort for LSS
– supporting all SB members having to deal with partnership (OC, Trainers,…)

Herve Tunga, Responsible of the communication towards CP, IFISO and the general coordination of LSS.
This means:
– coordinating the promotion, selection, confirmation and announcement of trainers
– coordinating the selection process of LSS trainers and participants
Eventually, if something has to be done, he will ensure it is!

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