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LSS 2017 Organising Committee

The LSS 2017 Organising committee is Effemine, a Hungarian student organisation presented below…

effemine lss 2017 oc

Effemine – Association for Young Women is the first and only student union for female students and recently graduated women in Hungary, assisting them in reaching their ultimate carrier goals and potentials. The main objective of the organisation is to enhance the employability of its young members and help them developing and taking full advantage of their skills.

The association provides help and guidance for female collage students to build and responsibly plan their future career. To achieve the above aims, Effemine organises self-awareness and soft skill development training programs on a weekly basis, invites people in leading positions, real role models to share their experiences in order to inspire the young members.

The organisational framework is similar to the typical structure of a company: members work in project groups and each of them has one or more duties. This enables them to face issues that might be challenging without practice: how organisational development and strategic planning work in practice.

Leadership Summer School celebrates its 10th birthday this year and it’s an honour for us to have the opportunity to organise the event here in Budapest. This anniversary is also special, because LSS idea was generated in Budapest about 10 years ago, so this year our capital city could be a worthy venue of the training events organised for the future leaders.

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