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Author archives: Lyda Michopoulou

LSS 2017 Supervisory Board

The LSS 2017 Supervisory Board is composed by people coming from Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Hungary.   Lyda Michopoulou, member of Zero Generation and Alumna of IAAS – LSS Coordinator: This means: – responsible of the communication towards CP, IFISO and the general coordination of LSS. – coordinating the promotion, selection, confirmation and announcement […]

LSS 2016 Open Call for Participants

Do you want to inspire people? Do you have plans to lead a project in your NGO? Do you think that the word “leader” describes you? Interested?  Why does LSS exist? Many international organisations, representing various backgrounds and disciplines, often share similar goals to improve the skills of their members, knowledge transfer, continuity and internal […]

New LSS online space

Welcome to our new space on the web. We’ve been working on this new design for a while and now we’re making it public. We hope this will make it easier for you to find information you need to apply as organizers, trainers or participants. We are also opening our blog to our LSS community, […]