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NGO Partners

From its creation, Leadership Summer School has been thought as a joint project of international youth organisations with the objective to exchange knowledge and best practices between their members and their trainers.

Therefore, every year we develop collaboration with partnering youth organisations in order to provide the opportunity for their members to receive quality training and built their personal networds while strengthening the connections between youth organisations.

Zero Generation Logo

Zero Generation is a multidisciplinary team of professional trainers, with European and Worldwide NGO experience in leadership, international project management, training and consultancy; with special interests in healthcare, engineering and organisational development. They provide services in training, events’ facilitation, and organisational establishment. In addition, they organise tailor made events, including training courses, teambuilding and teamwork events and conferences. And most of them have been trainers at former Leadership Summer Schools.

Zero Generation has been created by LSS founders who established the organisation as a supervisor body for the development of LSS project.

List of NGO Partners


Partnering with LSS

As LSS partner, the partnering NGO will receive from us:
– Calls to be sent to relevant NGO bodies;
– Monthly updates until LSS starts;
– Selection results regarding trainers and participants we identified as members of the partnering NGO;
– Access to LSS Hand-outs when published;
LSS general report.

LSS is expecting from its partners:
– to forward the calls and the updates relevant to partnering NGO’s bodies;
– to provide input regarding applicants/trainers from the partnering NGO when applicable;
– to provide input regarding partnering NGO expectations towards LSS;
– to make sure that no question from the partnering NGO will be left unanswered.